This is my second automotive love, my 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX, which was christened "The Mighty Road Warrior." It was equipped with 195 turbocharged horsepower, all wheel drive and 4 wheel disc brakes with ABS. This made it quite a step up from first automotive love, which was a 1983 Volkswagen Jetta. (76 bhp, front wheel drive, front disc/rear drum brakes.) Some cars have traction control, the Road Warrior had traction. It could put all 195 horsepower down to the ground...on wet pavement. In the dry, the wet, and snow, the thing was just awesome to drive.

The day I took it home. What a lovely sight.

At Pensacoloa NAS, during my epic Spring Break trip with Andrew.

Sadly, the Mighty Road Warrior, once thought to be unstoppable, was converted into "The Once Mighty Road Warrior," aka a paperweight, in a head on collision with a driver cited for DUI one dark, rainy night on a two lane highway in Ohio. This senseless tragedy occurred on December 19, 1993. I did not avenge the loss of the Mighty Road Warrior until December 8, 1995, when I bought the Big Cat.

Here's the picture I took on Christmas Day.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Look what Santa brought!